Owen W. Iowa

College Athletes

This letter is about why we should pay college athletes.

Dear Future President,

Nowadays Colleges are making a lot of money off their student athletes. I believe that the student athletes deserve a portion of this generated money. Out of all the money they produce for their schools they get 0% of this. Personally I think that this is unfair.

These athletes go to practice everyday and work hard. The money the NCAA makes from athletics is in the billions, says NCAA.org. This comes from ticket and merchandise sales. A large sum comes from tv and marketing, These athletes are earning all this money for their schools, I think they should get a little part of it.

Coaches for for college teams make millions though. Coaches aren't the ones people come to watch play. They aren't selling any jerseys. The players have to go to class and do homework, and on top of all that they practice, lift, and watch film everyday. And if they want any money they would have to get a job. This would be a really packed schedule.

Overall I feel as student athletes should get paid a little bit. They don't need to be making millions of dollars but a little money would be nice to compensate for their busy schedules. They work hard and earn lots of money for their schools and the NCAA. Their jerseys are being sold without giving them any kind of earnings for people making money off of them. It's is about time you do something to change this. I think that you should make a law where student athletes get 5% of the earning they generate for their school.


Owen W. Goos