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Is a right that women should have because it involves their bodies. And it shouldn't be taken away by anyone. My letter gives the reasons why.

Dear president,

Telling women that they can’t have an abortion because they are killing a unborn human is like telling guys that they can’t learn to shoot because that will lead to ganges. They both have something in common which is rights. Women can choose abortion so kids don’t get born into abusive relationships. And men can choose to learn how to shoot so they can defend themselves if a robber has a gun. Or if they want to go into the military. It’s insane to think that it’s ok to tell other people what they can’t do especially when it comes to someone's body.

It’s also like when congress tries to pass laws on people listening to music while crossing the street. And people will try to defend it saying that it leads to more accidents.

And people are trying to pass laws against abortion saying that it’s killing a human. But no one seems to care about the reason the mothers might have to why they don’t want their kid. Some might not want it and if they do they might abuse the child. But some because they are already in a abusive relationship and they don’t want a child getting sucked in the abuse. So is these situations they are protecting the kid from a life of abuse and hate. Then some might argue that it lessens the number of adoptable orphans. Which is true without abortion there would be a lot more orphans in this world. But more orphans isn’t such a good thing orphans sometimes they get put into abusive foster homes where they only take the children to get money from the government.

Abortion is the right of women and it’s their choice because it’s their body that’s involved. That’s like telling an adult they can’t die their hair because it isn’t good for their hair or that they can’t get a tattoo because it’s painful. People have the right to do what they want with their bodies. And it’s not like everyone who can do abortion does it. And if they do have an abortion they usually have a reason.

But abortion is also a right that women have. It’s a right that’s given by the constitution the right to have control over ourselves. And when women have abortions they usually have good reasons to do it. They sometimes want to save the kid from a bad life.

Some people think that abortion is killing innocent babies and it’s wrong no matter what the reason. But the mothers are doing it so the kids don’t have to grow up in bad environments. Because some people don’t have enough money for the kid.

We should keep abortion legal because it leads to less harm. The mothers don’t get abused by their husbands and the kids don’t get born into an abusive relationship. Also the babies don’t get hurt by it. It’s totally painless. So they get to choose what's best for the child.

Does abortion lead to dead babies everywhere? Is it a right? Or is it just something that the mothers should decide?

Orange High School

Mrs. Connor's 1st Period Class

English II Honors

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