Mitchell M. Iowa

The Broken Welfare System

A letter on how the welfare system and the economy affects the middle class and minimizes success for everybody.

Dear Future President,

Millions of Americans need financial assistance, but millions are abusing a broken system of government hand-outs. As a member of a middle class family, I can understand the struggles of having to tighten the financial belt. But there are quite a few people that get assistance when they may not truly need it.

To quote “All immigrant-headed households — legal and illegal — receive an average of $6,241 in welfare, 41 percent more than the $4,431 received by a non-immigrant household on welfare, according to the analysis. The total cost is over $103 billion in welfare benefits to households headed by immigrants.” And who is really paying for this? The answer is everyone. Everyone in this country pays when freeloaders decide they want to live a socialist life without giving anything back to the system. I can understand needing assistance, but what would motivate these people to get back onto their feet and get their own jobs?

Additionally, the wealthy pay a ludicrous amount of taxes just because the federal government knows they can. Anyone making an income of 1 million dollars or more has to pay 35%. $350,000 in federal taxes is more than a fair share. Then, with that money, the federal government spends 60% of all their spending on the welfare system.

Furthermore, since the rich (whom most of which own companies) are being taxed at this rate, the money can be hard to find for budgets on projects, nonetheless paying people to do them. With the ridiculous amount of taxes on the successful, these wealthy people have minimalistic opportunities to expand, create jobs, and actually pay their employees. The rich shouldn’t pay their “fair share” through taxes, but through the job system to fix our broken economy and keep it afloat. According to CNN, there is a disgusting plethora of companies shipping jobs overseas so the companies can pay less money. The federal government forces them to do so in a way due to the taxes the owners have to pay.

In light of this information, this can explain the need for government assistance. The decrease of jobs or good paying jobs is resulted from these taxes on the rich. It just makes sense; if there is more opportunities for jobs, then more people can earn their money or make more of it. This would create more successful people and a growth in the economy.

So this is where you come in as the leader of our country. Please take hold of this situation and fix the predicament we’re in. Reduce the taxes on the rich, create jobs, and heal our deeply wounded economy.


Mitchell M