Bryaana B. Texas

Produce Free College Education

Persuasive letter with reasons to go with Free College Education

Dear Mr/Madam President,

Free college education is really very important to me as a young adult. Please support my proposal. It would be very helpful if college was free because when we get out of high school, we are starting a new chapter in our life. Getting free college means more people going to school which means more intelligent people in the US. So that leads up to more jobs held by intelligent people.

Going to college immediately after high school isn't for everyone. For a lot of people, it's a good idea to give yourself a year (or a few) before deciding whether or not you want to go to school. In fact, of the people I know who've graduated college, the majority who finished in four years didn't even start until their early 20s. Just think You can learn in plenty of different ways by seeing the world, charity work, and a lot of other activity.

A higher education can prepare you for work. So when your boss asks you something, you would know what the answer is. I know from experience that it is hard to work on something if you do not know what the answer is. So what I am saying is you will want to impress your boss. Under the Sanders plan, the formula for setting student loan interest rates would go back to where it was in 2006. If this plan were in effect today, interest rates on undergraduate loans would drop from 4.29% to just 2.37%.

Now you would think that by producing/suggesting this new rule would bring government's income charts down. Nope. I was doing some research about this, and the charts would stay the same because the people that went to college would get good jobs then the customers of those employees would probably pay good money for their service.

So I hope you give in to this proposal. Remember how most kids want to go to college when they grow up and they look into what they want to major in… Then; those precious little kids, look at the prices and all of their hopes and dreams will be crushed like a cracker under a boot. Congratulations for being elected as the United states President.

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