Jesse M. California


The environment needs more attending

Dear Next President,

These upcoming years are very important ones in my life. I am a senior at Minarets High School, O’Neals CA. These next years are ones that help expand my future and my life as I start my adulthood. I am looking to express my concerns with the environmental needs and what will happen if the earth isn’t taken care of. Everyday the environment is getting worse and worse. I believe that there are systems that can be more implemented into today's society that will help improve the nature we live in and rely on.

California has been suffering from a major water shortage is the past years. The first system I believe that should be implemented is cutting down trees that are either burnt or dead. Another method would also be to cut down the trees that are taking up too much space and water. By eliminating the trees that don't need to be there it leaves more water to flow into streams and lakes.

Another issue about the environment is the waste that is thrown into the earth's water. The NRDC stated, “Our rivers, lakes, aquifers, and coastal waters aren’t unlimited resources that can handle whatever we take out or dump in. These waters need protection.” Cities and populated areas poison the water with garbage, trash, and litter. That water is then taken to purification or dumped back into the ocean. No matter where the water goes it is bad for the environment because bad water isn’t good water.

I believe that taking care of the environment should be one of the first issues to be addressed more on the to-do list. Global warming, water pollution, and too many trees are all issues that can be addressed and enforced.