Kern H. New York

Big Business, Big Trouble

Environment change is a serious issue in the world and actions must be taken against the rapidly deteriorating environment.

Dear Mister or Madam President, 

As a senior at the East-West School of International Studies, I am writing this letter in order to express the looming feeling of dread that plagues many of my classmates, my peers, and myself as well. It is without a doubt that the United States of America has declined over the past years. Many disasters such as the Financial Crisis of 2008 and the war in Syria have hurt not only the country's reputation, but our faith in our government as well. However, despite these major issues, I am not here to talk about US involvement in wars, nor the financial state of our country; I am here to speak to you, the future of our country, about a real and imminent danger: climate change. 

As a citizen of the United States of America, over the past few years, I have personally seen the effects of the danger known as climate change. Just this past summer, as it has been noted by meteorologists around the globe, the temperatures have drastically increased. In accordance to, the summer of 2016 has broken the record for the hottest summer since 1880. This is an astronomical change in temperature, and it is without a doubt that the world will continue to heat up, as a result of climate change. It is absolutely necessary to stop this change in the environment before it is too late. 

One of the main causes of climate change are big business illegally dumping their unwanted waste. It's obviously much cheaper to dump disposables into the local waterway than to pay for proper disposal. Everyone is aware of this, and big businesses take advantage of this fact. When (or if at all) the businesses are found out, they are forced to pay a small fine (which is but a penny out of their rather deep pockets). In regards to the environmental damage done, the price that business pay for illegal dumping does not even come compare. An example of this is the Gulf Oil Spill which, to this day, still plagues the environment and the fishermen of the area. 

Environment change doesn't just hurt us citizens, but it can also damage big businesses themselves. Should big businesses continue in their reckless quest to pollute the environment, they will eventually face civil unrest. It is clear that nobody is happy with the plan of action that big businesses have laid out for the environment, and should they continue to damage it, big businesses will suffer retaliation from the citizens. This may be in the form of protest, demonstrations, marches, or even suing. There have also been examples of companies such as Exxon who have shelled out nearly 2.1 billion dollars in response to an environmental crisis they have caused. Damaging the environment is, without a doubt, a negative for both big businesses and citizens alike. 

Environment change is a real issue. This is for certain, as, nearly 97% of the scientific community believe that global warming is real. I propose that we help end this crisis today and stop big business from damaging the environment any further. One idea is to fine big businesses very heavily for illegally dumping trash and ensure that there is no loophole for big businesses to jump through. This may be a very difficult law to pass, but I trust that the majority of the United States truly cares for their environment. It is evident what the course of action is Mister or Madame President, it is up to you to execute it.


Kern Hui

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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