Makena N. California

Helping The Ecosystem

Improving the ecosystem can be achieved through recycling, limiting gas use, and increasing solar panel and windmills.

Dear Future President, 

 I think we should improve the ecosystem to help the world. I think we should improve the world by recycling bottles, paper, and cans. We should not litter and prevent trash from being thrown in the ocean. By recycling, we could keep the world clean and prevent sea creatures from becoming endangered. 

Pollution makes the air smell bad, hard to breathe, and is overall bad for the environment. That is why gas cars and factories should decrease its reliance on gas. Replacing gas with solar panels is a better alternative. Solar panels are better because it makes more free energy. It also costs less money because it is taken from the sun. 

Windmills are better because it costs less money. The energy is taken from the wind, which is free. Windmills are better than gas because it doesn't pollute the air. 

These are a few ways to help the ecosystem. I hope you could help make these changes to help the world.