Natalia M. Georgia

Innocence and Death

How do you feel about people being killed for someone else's crimes?

Dear Future President,

How would you feel like if you were going to die in the next 24 hours for being accused of someone else’s crime? What I’ve been meaning to persuade you about is to end death penalties. Some people have been killed for false reasons or evidence, and there has to be an end in it.

Some people might’ve noticed this but if you haven’t, people have been killed for no reason. They’re just accused guilty and eventually thrown to their deaths. Now how does that sound? Are you just going to continue this like a careless president, or are you going to be kindhearted enough to stop it?

Sure, you may not have the time to take care of a little problem, but if you do, I have an idea that may help. Instead of continuing the death rows, I thought you can make a specialized prison. People are kept there for life and are taken out until proven innocent. If that idea doesn’t work, then stop people from selling weapons.

If this idea doesn’t work, but you have a better one, use that one. Just end the death penalties. It would be a relief if all the pointless violence ends at last. Now, do you agree with me or do you think it is against the law to force innocent people to their deaths?


Natalia Mayorga Gonzalez