Savanna S. California


This is what I think should be thought about.

This topic is still very taboo for many people and still something people get offended about because of how they were raised and their beliefs. So let's be honest here, we're not really going to be able to change your mind because you are your very own person and make up your mind yourself. So heres what you have to realize is that the LGBTQ+ are everywhere whether or not they have come out or not and when they do they are being praised for finally accepting them selfs. My question for you is the LGBTQ+ community is this by choice then explain to me how the people that are apart of this community that have never been around this community until now and are very sheltered and didn't know what it was that they were feeling? Many of these people that are apart of the religious faith that feel this way go to counseling and therapy and nothing ever fixes it. So please, please realize that it's something that they are born with. For them to get married and adopt is equal rights not privilege. Privilege is like not paying tax like churches don't.