James B. California

Native Americans

I want to make Native Americans a recognized groups and get the acceptance and recognized to their homelands and their rights.

Dear Mr. and or mrs. President, First i would like to say congratulations on making it to be the president, Next i would like to talk to you about the importance of Native American people. As many tribes and people are not recognized to their home are or even recognized as a tribe and they are called "Instinct" which is not true. I want to reach out to you and ask you to bring some importance and some recognize to the Native American tribes from where their home land is, For an example Obama Told the Native American Tribe of Miwok Indians that he would make them a recognized tribe to Yosemite national park as where their home land, But he did not end up doing that although he traveled there and went through Yosemite national park and still did not make them a recognized tribe. Another case was Mono Nation was trying to get their casino open and the government kept shutting them down and saying that they weren't allowed to have a casino, finally they got it passed so that they can build one but all tribes are allowed to have a casino and i think that the Native American people aren't getting the respect and recognized as the groups of people who they are. I am not asking for a lot i would just appreciate if you would make a effort to recognize the Native American people that are home to these lands and help them.

Thank you Mr. or Mrs. President.

Sincerely, James Riley Backmann.