Austin Missouri

Fossil Fuels and The Danger They Are.

Discussion on the use of fossil fuels and how they affect our health,environment,and economy.

Dear Next President,

I am a young growing student in the state of Missouri. As a growing member of society I see many problems and how they affect the common people in our nation.One such problem is the use of fossil fuels in our proud nation.The use of fossil fuels in America has been skyrocketing in this nation since the industrial revolution, but many people don’t see the terrible effects it has on our economy and our environment.

One such danger is to outdoor workers in large cities. According to research done by researchers in “Pollution and its Relationship to Decreased Lung Virtuality,” outdoor workers show much higher concentrations of a deadly poison known as Pm 2.5 than workers in a more rural area. This poison has been proven to cause many different forms of lung cancers. To help alleviate the danger to the hardworking people of America we can cut back on the use of fossil fuels by passing laws to get car companies to release more eco friendly cars.

The use of fossil fuels has begun to put a heavy strain on the world economy. Huge amounts of money are spent every year to ensure that we have enough oil for america, but if we can cut back on oil use and move to more reusable energy sources america can save billions in the coming years. A study done by Justin Healy for “Society magazine”world fossil fuel usage has out beat restoration. If we don’t balance this out then one day all humanity will fall into chaos because they will have no fuel source to power their societies.We need to find more reliable reusable energy sources such as solar and wind power so that if we do run out we will be safe.

With many problems facing the nation I know it will be hard to address all the problems that our nation face. Though I urge you to help solve this problem if not for our generation then the next or it will be too late for them to be saved.