Sophia Colorado

Letter to the pres

I think that you should pay more attention to the people.

Dear, future President of the U.S.

I believe that there is a very big reason on why you are the president, the people agree with you. The one thing that I have a concern on is whether you you are actually going to do what you said when you were competing. Other than that I think that you are going to be an amazing pres even though I am sad that obama is no longer our pres I am happy that you are ou pres now.

I think that you should start taking letters and read what people have to say and try to fix the problems. Many have many problems but they never really get fixed for nothing gets done. To be honest some time I think that our president never really do something , but I know for a fact that you can.

You are going to make our country great again and most likely everything will change and be once again great and maybe better greater than before.


Sophia Garcia