Brightly X. Georgia

Clean Renewable Energy Resources

Are non renewable resources better than renewable resources? Does nature have to get hurt because we misunderstand ?

Dear Future President,

Could you imagine yourself walking outside and seeing the dying environment and major air pollution? What would cause this to happen you say? Well it’s the non-renewable energy resources that we use for energy today. We would hate to see nature die and have air pollution increase in our country. It would be better to increase the use of renewable energy resources so we can conserve energy and keep our environment clean in the future.

According to “Energy Conservation,” people conserve energy for number of reasons like to save money, reduce waste, reduce reliance on foreign sources of energy, to reduce pollution, and to clean up the environment. That is why we need renewable energy like solar, wind and turbine, hydro power instead of fossil fuels, natural gas, coal, and oil. We use fossil fuels for energy and it works fine and it gets things done perfectly. The thing is that not only fossil fuels but coal, natural gas, and oil are all non-renewable resources.

As president you can demand control, storage is less critical if peak loads can be shared and shaped. And also fossil fuels should be used for backup not base load. Based on “Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources,” by converting to renewable and alternative energy resources, the United States also reduces its dependence on other nations for fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Reducing wasteful use of energy helps save the consumer money, slows depletion of our natural resources, and it reduces the amount of pollution entering the environment.

Yes, it’s true that although wind, solar, bio fuels and nuclear all compete with fossil fuels as sources of primary energy. Their contribution to the world’s total energy demand is limited because they are more expensive than fossil fuels. And that solar cells wind turbines, and biomass for energy plantations can never replace even a small fraction of highly reliable nuclear, fossil, and hydroelectric power stations. But fossil fuels, the most common source of energy, is in limited supply including coal, natural gas, and petroleum. They are likely to remain the U.S’s primary source of energy for the foreseeable future.

As the next president please increase the use of renewable energy resources. Put an end to the environmental issues caused from energy conservation. Nature does not deserve to get hurt because of our misconceive .

Thank you for your consideration,

Brightly X.