Serena Colorado


Letter on Equality


Dear Next President,

Equality is really important to me because there are many people that are getting killed by police officers . The only reason that there are people that are getting killed because there are many police officers that are killing them because they think that people from different race are really dangerous to our nation.

The nation should now that people that are from different races that they are not dangerous to the nation because the more that the nation thinks that then the people wouldn’t want to come our nation because they think that that they don’t have the freedom. The more that people think that they don’t have freedom they will make our nation look wrong because they really don’t think that our nation is very equal with other races.

I really think that the next president should have a word on equality because there are different races that should have the right to be equal in our nation because the quote of the United States “Is our nation has the freedom” but there are many things that is making our nation equal.


Serena Gonzalez

A student from Colorado STEM Academy