Michelle Arizona

Immigrants and jobs

Unlike common belief labor from undocumented immigrants is actually helpful to the economy, I believe they should be able to have legal status to work here with a working permit that allows them to work.

  Dear next president, I would just like to congratulate you on winning such a difficult election. Whoever you may be as our president I do believe I owe you my respect and good wishes. I understand politics are a thing of moral ambiguity and it's hard making choices of such a craft when they could lead to such problematic results and cause discourse within the people but I do hope that you may do your best to serve this country as well as all its residents and be able to create a respectable image for yourself and this nation while staying true to what it stands for. America, a place formed by immigrants, the shining city on a hill, a land of opportunity where different people of ethnicity and religion can stand together in patriotism, where they're rights are protected by law, some of the good ideals the men who founded this country fought for. I would like to mention a topic of great importance to me that might be of concern, a very controversial one as well I may note, Immigration specifically when it comes to Latin people who have it harder becoming citizens than people from other places. Like I said America was founded on the concept of immigration, people moving to a place for a hope of a better life and everyone living in this country unless native american can not deny that they have descended from immigrants but since you're the president I am sure you already know this. This is a topic of great discourse and many people have very set beliefs on it before actually being well informed. They are many arguments that immigration is bad for the economy but in the reality it has been proved to be quite helpful.

 Contrary to popular belief not all immigrants come here by crossing the border but instead get a visa and come legally through a plane (Politifact). Visas hard to get, generally only help the more wealthy class so they could temporarily visit and spend money here and then return to their country. But when Latinos come here to visit or work for a while they fear not being able to return as a result they end up staying. I believe we should make a system that gives them opportunity. What can we do? An idea I have is that there could be working visas for immigrants to come work here .Working undocumented immigrants work the jobs that no one else wants to do for lower wages, help the labor force and help legal residents occupy higher job positions, and contribute to the economy by buying things here and paying taxes . Many people exclaim that undocumented immigrants leech from the system, don't pay taxes and take benefits but this is far from true. Illegal immigrants already pay taxes without even getting any benefits and employers don't even have to worry about giving the workers expenses such as health insurance and they don't qualify for welfare (politifact) or many other benefits and services provided by the government, they get money from their own hard work and are good contributors to the system. In fact according to usatoday undocumented immigrants pay up to 11.6 billion dollars in taxes every year without getting any tax return. They also help the economy by spending money when they are here ,the government benefits from them the least they could get is legal working status.

  What could we do to help them out? Just an idea we can let immigrants have work visas or  permission to work in the country for limited amounts of time  also checking their record when they apply for one as a requirement ,a lot of the people would be satisfied with that and be able to return to their country when a working season is done but if they would want to become a US citizen perhaps they could have a possibility of becoming one after a certain amount of working , attaining civic knowledge requirements ,and keeping a clear record proving the person to be a lawful contributing citizen. This concept is likely to be flawed I don't doubt it I am just a high school student and am not very educated when it comes to the struggles and difficulties of politics but this is an idea that I believe with modification has the possibility to help. By making this a prospect  it would also self resolve another problem seen in immigration of drugs and crime getting through the border. If it were easier to get job visas for those who come to work they would have no need to cross a border illegally instead they would go through the process of getting verified in other words people checking their record to see that they're not involved in crime and filing paperwork therefore the people who would have granted permission to come would have nothing to hide and those who would still cross the border illegally would be those that people are actually concerned about such as criminals or people with the intentions of bringing drugs.  Wherever you go there are criminals but being a certain ethnicity doesn't label you as one. They're would be no need for an expensive wall  with less people people crossing it.

 This problem stays close to me because my family members are immigrants ,mostly documented but they have talked about the struggles of starting from ground zero and seeking a better life and I cant help but feel intrigued . Besides the headlines of propaganda I know things first hand ,no my family members are not rapist or criminals they are caring hardworking people ,they all work and contribute to the economy by paying taxes and spending money here yet they still get prosecuted. My mom  works for a minimum wage to sustain me and my sister while paying taxes and not getting benefits from the government. Undocumented immigrants are not lazy problematic people leaching off the system but people wanting to be a part of it, contributing to it. I remember living in Dinuba California for a while when my mom needed to be close to family before we moved to a different part of it ,California a state which gives us the luxury of health insurance, being able to go to a psychologist, or get medicine because we generally couldn't afford it . I remember that when when we were there my aunts and uncles also my mom would work in the fields ,10 dollars an hour for picking fruit in the hot sun. Now that might not seem like a big deal but when they would get home at night I would see them exhausted with their hands filled with blisters working day to day just to get by . California is a state of agriculture ,its needs people to do these jobs if not them then who?  and I find it funny how people exclaim with such anger in the tone of their voice “they're taking our jobs” but really are you so bitter and angry to find people with half the chance as you threatening, would you want to fight them out a job that pays minimum wage for tiring work such as working in the fields or washing dishes , housecleaning or landscaping labor  when you have the opportunity to do so much more. These people exclaiming   have won the birth lottery being born here and have all the potential and rights to an education and a better job but get angry at people who take these low paying jobs because they work like they're life depends on it to provide for their families.

That's the reason  immigrants  are hired so much even without papers ,because they came here to work therefore they are  hard workers that can adapt and do a job quickly and efficiently and since they don't have papers they get payed less so for an employer it's a win win. They are those who question if it's still OK to provide these jobs for them or simply don't care because they are deemed as a threat to them but despite these notes ,labor from them is actually necessary and proper and they're presence here is helpful. For example in 2008 Arizona they made having a social security a requirement so many undocumented immigrants left and the economy dropped significantly as said in cbsnews  “they contributed about 8 percent of the economic output or 29 billion” them fleeing  hurt Arizona's economy and businesses . According to the National Bureau of Economic Research  it says "  while cheaper offshoring reduces the share of natives among less skilled workers, cheaper immigration does not, but rather reduces the share of off shored jobs instead, Moreover, since both phenomena have a positive "cost-savings" effect they may leave unaffected, or even increase, total native employment of less skilled workers" this speaks of how undocumented immigrants working doesn't negatively impact native workers  but can positively affect them instead.

 I believe that undocumented immigrants should have the chance to get work visas or a similar concept and then maybe have the opportunity to get on a path to become citizens in the future . Now a lovely quote from the first president to the current one ”i had always hoped this land might become a safe and agreeably asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind to whatever nation they might belong” -George Washington. 

Sincerely Michelle