Kaden G. Michigan

Internet safty

Article stating current problems in 2016-17 about the many dangers of the internet.

Internet Safety

The internet is getting more and more dangerous, as time goes on. As new technologies come out, there are new ways for people to hack them, which creates a problem considering all the types of people that use them. The impact ranges from little kids to grown adults. The security of the internet needs to be improved to eliminate all of these cyber dangers.

The lack of internet safety is an issue that keeps growing and growing, especially as many new technologies and smart devices come out. The more tech that comes out the increase in range of things to get hacked by hackers. There is a vast area of accounts to be taken over. Thirty years ago, no one had to worry about the different threats on the internet, such as computer hackers or even computer viruses. Now in 2016, we need to take these dangers into consideration and be aware of them whenever we are on the internet. There needs to be better security systems built for computer systems to get rid of the dangers.

In the first place, when new technology comes out the device or application gives hackers an increased bandwidth of items to pursue. This can be harmful to more and more people. “The number of Internet-of-things devices in the world has surged nearly 70 percent to 6.4 billion,” so this just shows how much technology has been increased.

Another key point, all sorts of people are starting to get new smart phones or devices. Parents need to be aware that getting their little kids a smartphone might not be the best idea. Parents need to figure out what might be a safe age for them to handle the risks technology could bring. “The longer you keep Pandora's box shut, the better off you are.” This is a metaphor showing that the longer you wait to get your kid a smartphone the safer they'll be from any kind of threats online.

Additionally, everyone needs to be aware and watch out for website viruses or bugs that come from ads. “An unknown person or group snuck a rogue advertisement onto the sites pages. The malicious ad took over the whole browser.” This is just one example of many. Literally any website could have these issues, so make sure to be careful with what you click on.

Finally, we all need to be more careful on the internet no matter what we're doing. The most effect full thing to do with this problem would be to create some sort of firewall, or even a program that exterminates any sort of foreign threat. This would help keep hackers out and eliminate all the bugs. Remember, this affects not just adults but can potentially threaten kids.