Lisa X. Minnesota

Animal Abused

Animal abuse should stop.

Dear Future President,

I am requesting that animal abuse be abolished. Animals should be living a safe, well fed, comfortable, and free life. Animals living in a horrible environment can kill them. Purposely doing this is causing them pain. All animals have a life just like ours, so they shouldn’t be harmed at all.

The amount of animal cruelty is very high. Although animal cruelty started to be a felony in 2014, animal abuse is still isn’t a serious crime to commit. This needs to be made bigger because it’s not just happening in one area to the next. Animal abuse is occurring all over the globe, both in rural and urban areas. ( About 70 percent of the cruelty is going towards dogs, about 20 percent is cats and about 24 percent is other animals. (

One of the ways animal are abused is by fighting each other. People are taking animals to have illegal fights for people’s entertainment. ( Animals are seriously harmed do to each others aggressiveness. They are hurting each other just to please people. One of the three most illegal fights is dogfighting, which is why dogs are the most animals to be reported to be abused. ( The other two are cockfighting and hot-dog fighting. ( Pit-bulls are mostly forced to fight when it comes to hot-dog fighting. These animals that are trained to fight are usually aggressive, so that can be a threat to others. It's not that it's harming animals only, but people doing this is also harming themselves. Having illegal animals fights are leading people to gambling, drug dealing, weapon offenses and money laundering. (

The total animals that died from abuse each year is over 1 million. There are also over 70 million pet dogs and 74 million pet cats that are assaulted each year. The amount of deaths are so much that it is impossible to know how many are killed or abused. ( In many countries, a huge amount of birds are dying because of fighting too. There are more birds that are dying than any other animal. Cockfighting is way different than any other fights because when they fight, they fight until the death. It is either one dies or both does. There will never be a survivor because the one who wins in the last round, will fight the next contestant in the next round.

As you can see, it is mostly dogs who die or are abused. It’s sad to see that people don’t care that they even have a life. Yes, some animals are for food, but using them for entertainment is very sick and cruel thing to do. They shouldn’t be putting their life at risk just for you, if they are then you should too. Protect them , love them, care for them. They helped us enough, they helped protect us, guide us, they made us happy and comfortable, so we should help them too.


Lisa Xiong

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis Hours 4 and 5

10 Quest 4th and 5th hour students

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