Eli M. Minnesota

Global warming

Global warming is happening now

Dear president,

My name is Eli McCormick and I feel that global warming is a big issue today. We need to educate people on why we should stop it. We also need to figure out how to stop it. We live on this earth we might as well protect it.

First we need to address the problem. We all know the Earth's climate has changed throughout history. (nasa.gov) But now it's gotten to the point where the global sea level rose about 17 centimeter in the last century. (nasa.gov) Also glaciers are retreating almost everywhere around the world. (nasa.gov)

We also should understand why we need to stop global warming. Our population is growing. The world added 1 billion people just in the last 12 years, bringing the global population to 7.3 billion in 2015. By the end of the century, we could add almost 4 billion more. (national geographic) That isn't the only thing that's being affected. All this warmth speeds up the thawing of permafrost from Siberia to Alaska's Brooks Range. (national geographic)

Finally we need to learn how to take action. There are many ways that you can start to help out the world. You can power your home with renewable energy. (ndrc.org) For example everyone could invest in solar panels. Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle. (ndrc.org) You should invest in a fuel-efficient vehicle because you will save money on gas and also you will be helping the environment. Shrink your carbon profile. (ndrc.org) A carbon profile is determined by how much carbon dioxide you emit into to the world.

Some people do not believe in global warming and i think that they need to be educated. This is a very real problem and we need to take all of these points i made in this letter into account. Global warming is definitely a problem and it is very real. If we don't do anything the world will continue to become less and less able to sustain life. But if we act now we can still fix all the problems that we have today.

If we don't start to act soon the world could not be able to sustain life much longer. The children of today will have to pay for what we have created. I believe that we and them deserve better. Like I said before, we live on this earth we might as well protect it. Thank you for your time and I hope that you may understand our worlds desperate need for this to take action.


Eli McCormick

Grade 10 Central High School