Sophia E. Virginia

College Tuition

A letter to the President about my concern of college tuition in America

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to you today to discuss the issue of college tuition. The cost of college in the United States is an appalling $21,902 per year, on average. This is an outrageous amount of money, considering that most people attend college for four to five years. On top of that, the typical American family has three children, which means each family would be paying for three full college tuitions. Since college is so expensive, many teenagers feel limited to the colleges they can apply to or attend and end up in student debt for years following their graduation. I believe that no student should be held back from the education they desire due to money or fear of debt. 

Colleges require a specific amount of money to operate and function efficiently, but they could be funded more by the government, instead of putting all the pressure on the people. Scholarships are sought after by so many individuals, and they are limited, so I propose programs of community service or humanitarian acts. By allowing people opportunities to work for their education, instead of only offering scholarships, it would benefit not only the individual, but also colleges and society. Also, it is ludicrious that out-of-state colleges cost more than in-state. A teenager does not control where their parents choose to live, and if their dream school is in another state, they are just out of luck and cannot attend. 

College tuition is an important and real issue at hand in America today. Students feel limited and pressured by money to pick their colleges and are stuck with student debt well after college. As President I ask you to make reforms to better America and provide a more accessible education for everyone by providing a more affordable or free tuition in exchange for community service or work. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and for acknowledging the issue at hand. 


Sophia Erickson 

Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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