Brandy Clark Virginia

Same Sex Marriage

Gay marriage should stay because love overrides gender.

Dear whomever this may concern,

My name is Brandy and I am in eleventh grade. I support gay marriage. Since 2015 gay marriage has been legal thanks to Obama's help. Many have been happy thanks to him but some are not. Same sex marriage should stay legal because love overrides gender.

Gay marriage has nothing to do with religion. Most gays that I know personally say they don't believe in god. If anyone says it is against any religion they are incorrect. If god loves all why can gays not marry? If someone finds more comfort in someone with the same gender there is nothing wrong with it. What is wrong is the harassment that openly gay men and women get. Their relationships are exactly like what most call a "normal relationship."  Same sex marriage should not be discouraged. If someone loves someone else they should be able to openly say, "Hey, I love this person."

Ways to fix the discrimination against gays would be to make laws similar to those about race. If we can create laws to force those who oppose of gays to provide goods and services. Thank you to whomever this may concern and please make all the right choices for the sake of a better country.