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Can Everyone Go to College ?

When will tuition get cheaper? How much higher will the cost get? These are just some of the questions parents think when they look the cost of there child college.

Dear Next President:

Think of this you're a parent of a college student and you see the bill for the college tuition and you think why is this so expensive?This is issue I like talk about his college tuition.College Tuition is a thing we all have to pay for when we go to college. Right now college tuition is getting higher and higher and middle-class families are having trouble paying for it .College tuition is getting to be a big problem for Students and their families so I'd like you to listen to this.

One reason why College tuition is a problem is because middle class families are having trouble paying for college tuition. College tuition cost about $9,410 for a 4 year in-state student at public college,$23,890 for a 4 year out state student at a public college and $32,410 for a 4 year private school. Since 1971 tuition fee has doubled and it's making it harder for middle class family is to pay without taking out a loan.Think about this most middle-class families have both parents that have a job and if there's other children they have expenses for them plus college tuition.Which is why college the tuition is a big problem for middle class families.

The second reason why college tuition is a problem is tuition is getting higher each year. Like I said tuition has doubled and college tuition has been rising 6% above the rate of inflation. Additional, the average tuition and fees at private National Universities jumped 179 percent since 1995. Out-of-state tuition and fees at public universities rose 226 percent since 1995.In-state tuition and fees at public National Universities grew the most, increasing a staggering 296 percent since 1995. This is why College tuition is a problem the prices keep rising.

The final reason why college tuition is a problem Is more loans are being made. There are millions of college grads that are in debt-burdened.Furthermore millions of students and families every year are forced deeper into debt to make up the difference—around $100 billion a year and tuition could increase which make the number you started with even higher.These families would have to pay off these high loans, they would have to work instead of spending time with their children.

That’s is why college tuition is a big issue you should look into. Middle class families might not be able to afford this anymore. Tuition is getting higher each year. More people are in debt because of tuition. College tuition one of the big issue in the United States for college students and their parents.


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