Clayton K. Virginia

Education for all

Education is very important to all citizens, and it is important that everyone has a chance to succeed, regardless of income and race.

Dear Madam President:

I strongly believe that education is the most important thing that the government should provide for its citizens. Education empowers us, and helps us find differing opinions. It also helps citizens make informed decisions, that may make society better for all of us.

There's one problem, however. Not everyone has access to the same opportunities as others. For example, according to the Harvard University study named the "Civil Rights Project," children who have a high-income household, often times receive better education than low-income families. Some studies attribute it to schools get more funding when there are higher-income families, due to more taxes being generated. African-American students are also disproportionally affected in these cases.

This is a huge problem that needs a solution, because in addition to not learning about useful and interesting topics, students are also hindered in their ability to find a job in their future. This essentially creates a "circle of poverty", where if you have poorer parents, you will then, in turn, have a much harder time getting a job in the future. Yes, it is possible, but for the vast majority of students, it is quite difficult. I believe that your administration should put more focus on education, because it will help families, and the United States economy.  Some current ideas floating around, including lessening student debt for entrepreneurs, and having free tuition for low-income families are definitely great. But, in addition to that, I believe it should start out in elementary school. Having teachers and educational experts in your cabinet, will help solve these problems.

I hope you consider these ideas, as it will create a fairer and more just society, with everyone having a chance to succeed.


Clayton Ketcham, 16

Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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