Yi Z. California

Reduce College Tuition

Tuition is another pressure on students.

Dear President,
I want to say the college tuition is a big trouble to many seniors in high schools. Like me, I will get into the university soon. I am also worried about my tuition now. My mom said our family doesn’t have enough money to afford for me to get into a university, but I don’t want to give up, I really want to go to a university. So I would like to get loans. I know I will have to work hard   after I graduate university, then I can pay my loans.

I think the universities should include tuition, but I don’t mean free tuition. Best choice for both us is to reduce the tuition. If colleges reduced the tuition, students will have more choices without thinking of tuition. Students can also get loans, but they will pay back more quickly because the tuition is less. Students can also do some works get money to pay loans. But they will not have much pressures more than before, then they can have time to focused on their school, interesting things, or community.

According to now, some of the students maybe think about the universities, but they can not afford the high tuition, so most students go to college directly and then transfer to the university. It is the best choice for students who want to get into the university. But I think if the tuition is reduced, then most students can get into the university they want more quickly. Then they don’t need to wait two years to transfer. Because after stay two years in the college, some of the students may be no chance to get into the university they want, because the university they do not choose them. This may become their lifetime regret.

Would you like to see many students struggling for tuition and their future? You do not need free tuition necessary, but reduce tuition is necessary. College tuition should be lowered so everyone can afford to go to any college that is right for them. The idea is that simple, how to do it all depends on you.