Pizzalover020603 North Dakota

Sports are Important

I think we should have more time for extra-curricular activities.

Sports are Important!

Dear Mr. /Mrs. President

The first thing I am going to tell you is that this issue is important to me. It’s not necessarily important to everyone, but it is important to people who want to go to the next level in their sports. I think we should have more time for extra-curricular activities like football, basketball, volleyball, and golf.

We could fix this issue by getting out of school earlier, which most people want anyway to get more homework done. We could also fix this issue by starting school earlier, so we still have the same amount of school time, but we also have more time in the day afterwards. We also could practice on weekends.

People like watching sports, even if you don’t play or understand them. So if we have more practice time, people will get better and sports will be more fun to watch. For instance, the NFL’s Super Bowl is the most watched in the world on T.V. and if people get better at the sport than it’ll be more enjoyable to watch.

Like I said before, it’s something that’s important to me, not necessarily to everyone, but sports are fun to watch and they’re fun to play and if people are better it’ll be more enjoyable to watch. So in closing I think that we should have more practice and playing time for extra-curricular activities.



Hazen ND