mikah k. North Dakota

Students should be in and have longer sports times

Students should be in at least one sport and then practice time should be longer.

Dear President,

I’m Mikah, and I would like to talk to you about sports times and getting all kids involved with them. Students in the JH have practice from 3:30pm to 5:00 or 5:30pm. High school has it from 5:30am to 6:45am. This makes it harder for JH students to get better.

Sports are a good way for kids to socialize. Some kids/teens might not have friends or just not like to talk to people. Sports such as swimming, tennis, soccer, and golf provide regular physical activity for a life time. Being active is good for your health and it will make you a lot happier. Sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey and skating can provide children with an excellent aerobic workout. Defining practice as the time a team spends together on the field/court is a learning system. Practice also describes the relationship and achievement.

Sports can also keep you from sitting around and being lazy. Sports gives players skill levels, leadership, coach ability and strategy. I think that al JH students should get longer practice times and should be in at least 1 or more sports.


Mikah from North Dakota