Shaye North Dakota

Terrorism and College Payments

This letter is about how the next president should stop terrorism and decrease college tuition.

Dear future President of the United States,

Terrorism and college payments have been a big talk in the last few years. People argue that terrorism is affecting us as a nation and college payments are putting young adults in debt and digging themselves into a hole that they can not get out. Terrorism and college tuition problems need to be fixed not only to help us as Americans, but to help us in life.

In the past us Americans have had some real issues with terrorism. The past presidents have failed to stop this issue. It has been a growing issue worldwide in country like Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Syria. According to “Facts and Statistics on Terrorism” page on,”Terrorism has caused more than 130,000 fatalities.”So you, the future president, should stop terrorist groups from attacking the U.S. and other countries.

Every student in high school wants to go to college but most of them don't get to because the cost of college. According to “College Costs: FAQS” page on big,”Public two year colleges cost $3,440, public four year college is $9,410(in- state students), public four year college is $23,890( out of state students, and private four year colleges cost $32,410.” Over the years the cost of college has quadrupled. Some countries in Europe have raised taxes so that students don't have to pay so much for college. A lot of students that do go to college have big debt that is with them their whole life. Some students still have to pay their debt off even after they retire. So as the next president you should focus on making college prices more affordable for everyone to get a higher education. If people get a higher education then more people get better jobs and more people will have money and won't be poor. So you, as the next president, should make college tuitions more affordable for everyone.

In conclusion there are a lot of things you need to do as the next president of the United States,but I have stated some of the ones that I think are important to our country.


Shaye Yeager