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Vertical Farming

We need to start growing food in buildings.

Dear Mr. President,

In case you didn’t know, our population is rapidly increasing. It is estimated by 2050 that the population will be 9.6 billion people. How will cities, states, and countries feed their people? Over 795,000,000 people are starving. 98 percent of those live in developing countries. We can start now and help out those people in need.

The answer is eco hotels. By vertical farming we can grow lots of food. They can defy any weather. They are a great response to climate change. They are able to adapt to disaster. They are becoming more advanced. Finally, they are saving lives. They are also better than conventional farming because eco hotels don’t use soil, fertilizer, and they save lots of reusable water from getting chemicals in it.

So, Mr. President, are you going to watch our nation, our world starve? We need to prepare for the future and start building eco hotels.