Hailee North Dakota

Homeless Veterans

We need to help homeless veterans.

Dear Next President,

We have a problem. I know you’re probably doing something less important than this. Anyway, haven’t you noticed all these homeless veterans? No, didn’t think so, otherwise this it would’ve been fixed, right?

Yes, there are a lot of homeless people, but 49,933 are veterans, people who fought for our country! That’s 8.6% of the homeless population. These veterans deserve so much better. Do you really respect them? No, you don’t, by now they would’ve been taken care of. Do you really even care? No, sure doesn’t look like it, Mr/Ms President. Haven’t you seen all of these homeless veterans begging for a little money just to get by? I know I’ve seen it; It’s everywhere.

Most of these people have PTSD which causes them to drink, do drugs, they might even harm themselves. They can’t fix it, it doesn’t just go away overnight, or in a couple days, months, years. How do you expect them to afford to get help when they can hardly afford something to eat? Most don’t have a family, so that not an option for them.

Stop worrying about immigrants that need money. They don’t deserve it. They can easily get a job. Unlike homeless veterans, they have a huge disadvantage for employment because of their problems. Not only that they don’t have a degree like most of the people today, to get them a decent job. They’ve worked much harder than the people who are going to school. It just seems a little unfair. They worked just as much in the military, don’t you think? 9% of our homeless veterans are 18-20 years of age. That’s sad. These young people should be out following their dreams. But no, they’re stuck on the streets.

This probably doesn’t concern you, like it does me. If this doesn’t get fixed soon, then our country is going to get worse. It’s already bad enough. People who want to be in the military, serve our country are going to look at these homeless vets and think, “Oh my god, never mind. I don’t want to end up like that guy or that girl.” Is that what you want? At least pay for their medical needs, free counseling, get them a free bus or train pass, just don’t get them to where they need to go for free.

So, please set aside whatever it is you are doing and help these veterans. Anything will help. They fought for this country. The least we can do is get them back on their feet.

Yours truly,