Kolby H. North Dakota

Terrorists & School Meals

I talked about ISIS and other terrorist attacks and school meals.

Dear Mr. President:

To the next president, Mrs. or Mr. , I have topics that you should address. My first topic is terrorist attacks and my second one is school meals. Yes, these topics are very different, but they should be discussed. They are both topics that need to be discussed.The words “terrorist attacks” scare many people because they should scare you.

Terrorist attacks are happening and we need to be ready. Whether it's a bombing in the United States or a bombing in Europe, we need to stand tall. The president should discuss this problem and have answers how to solve them. We need to have safety plans for when this happens. Many people don't think it's a big deal until it's knocking on their back door. There has been many incidents with terrorist groups like ISIS that have happened. The president needs to tell people that they need to stand tall against these acts of terrorism.

Mr. or Mrs. President, another issue that should be discussed is school meals. It's a less serious topic, but I think it still should be talked about. School meals have become less and less as you go through school. I believe that students should be able to get larger first servings if they want it. Many times I go up and buy seconds because I'm still hungry after eating my food. If they would ask people what size serving they want it would make lunch better for a lot better for many people. The lunch ladies could ask what size and you can say small, medium, or large. People would be full and not have to spend extra on seconds. This is why I believe this topic should be discussed.

Mr. or Mrs. President I hope that you take these two topics seriously and have them discussed. I believe that many other people have these same topics that the president should discuss. I hope that you'll make the right decision on these two topics.


Kolby Hauser


Beulah Miners


BHS English 2 - Sophomore English

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