Allyssa North Dakota

Fighting for More Time Home.

The military risk so much to fight for out country and they deserve more time home.

My topic is about how the ones who joined the military, how they don’t that much time home to spend with their loved ones. The problem and my relationship with this, is that I’ve been thinking about joining the army. And I don’t want to be that long away from my loved ones. I understand that they do get time off, but in my opinion it’s not enough. I say it’s a problem and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. There are way more people who are dealing with this problem too. I don’t think that my audience will need any convincing, because I’m sure that they would want more time just like me. Even though their loved ones joined the military voluntarily, I believe that they should get more time off. They are fighting for our country and that’s good, so do them this little favor. I’m sure that they would want to spend time with their loved ones, spend holidays together, etc.

The ones who joined the military/army should have more time to spend with their loved ones when they come back to visit. The stress that’s put on the families of ones who joined the military The lack of communication is one of the big problems people are facing with ones who joined the military. For some it may not be as easy to not know how someone is doing. To not know if they are okay or not, or for any other reason. Is it harder for the ones who leave or the ones who stay? Homesickness is a problem for some of the ones who joined the military. There are other problems that may occur, but if they would get more time to spend back home, would most likely eliminate some of these problems that many go through with the ones who have joined the military/army. I’ve been really interested on joining and I don’t like the idea that they don’t get that much time off. The people who have risked everything and went to go fight for our country should get more time home. 

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 6

Mr. Thomas' 6th Hr Jr English

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