Shyanne New Jersey

Let's stop racism

What I wrote about is how i'd like for the future president to help get rid of racism or at least tone is down.

Dear Future President,

Hi Future president, I do not know who you are yet but,I hope you are open to some ideas. I would like to address a problem that I have been interested in, and I would like for you to be interested in too. Racism is a huge problem in America.YES it is still a huge problem for many races and still exists.Racism follows many kids and adults around. It takes many lives and can hurt future job opportunities. In an article I read its states “ Blacks and Whites generally agree that two races get along well, but about 7 in 10 blacks and more than 1 in 4 whites concur that blacks are treated unequally by the criminal justice system. A majority of blacks also say they are treated less fairly than whites in in public schools and in the workplace.” I also did more research and every time I searched racism, what would come up is things about blacks and whites. What about all the other races. Future President I hope you understand not just black people need help from racism it’s many other races. It's the Blacks, Asians, Muslims, Filipinos and many more. Whoever you are I would like for you to help with this major problem. It will help to make this world we live in 20% easier.For a solution You can start having signs that talk about or just praise all the different races. For example “ Every one, an size any color any shape can do anything. “ Your color doesn’t make you, YOU make YOU. “All colors are beautiful so love your color and everyone else's. There are so many different things you can to help stop the racism. No one wants to be yelled at or judged because they are darker or lighter than someone. I think the United States would be so much better if we got rid of racism. Wouldn’t it be amazing to say “Us in America we love and celebrate all the different and beautiful colors you will never be judged.”  - Shyanne