Lexi M. Pennsylvania

LGBT Equality

People are being treated differently for race, gender and sexuality each and everyday. Some people are scared to accept people for who they truly are and that creates problems later on in life.

Dear Future President,

I believe there are problems in this world that grow bigger each and everyday. Problems such as equality/segregation has began to hurt our nation. People in the world are treated differently for race, gender, and sexuality. It should not matter the color of your skin, the body parts that you have or who you choose to love in life. Segregation was a big problem in the old days and people such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. fought to make sure people were treated right. Nowadays it is like no one remembers them fighting for the cause and just forgets about how everyone should be treated equally. In a period of time segregation had stopped due to all of the speeches presented and riots for the cause but as we can see it is slowly coming back because in the 2016 generation people believe it is okay to bully people for race, gender and sexuality... but its not okay at all. Problems with equality lead to bullying which can lead to self harm.  Everyday 74% of transgender people have reported to be sexually harassed and another 84% of people who are just part of the LGBT community have been verbally harassed. For kids to find out who they are and want to be they need support from family and friends to help let them identify who they are. Finding themselves is a big step and being judged along the way is not going to help the process.

Personally, I have friends that are part of the LGBT community just to help and support there friends through a period of change in there lives. Even if someone is not actually transgender or confused about there sexuality they should not be harassed nor should the kids that are actually those things. People are all the same, judging someone for something they really cant control is not fair because next thing we know were going to have people being judged for the sports that they do. Judging people for little things creates a bigger deal in the society.  As president stop the equality problems because sooner or later we are going to lose everyone to self harm and that is not right at all. i hope you consider the problem I have informed you about and further help stop the problems when you become president.


Lexi McGrory