Wyatt H. Montana

Islamophobia and Syrian refugees

My letter is about our fear of islamic people and refugees. I believe that we should take in refugees. I also bring up the fact that statistics show that they are not a big threat.

October 19, 2016

Dear next president

I am writing to you to express my concern with the grow islamophobia in our country. Over the years more and more people have been buying into fears that the actions of a few radical people speak for the whole group. This makes our society toxic even though these fears are overblown. As Americans we should be more compassionate towards those who are moving to a country where they will have basic human rights and be able to thrive instead of living in a bad situation.

Our fear has gotten to the point where we make people that have been through the worst go through more barriers. The process for Syrian refugees to be granted the right to be moved to America is a year to a year and a half of background checks. Some people think that terrorists might pretend to be a refugee so they can get into America and harm us even though the background checks are so thorough and not to mention it would be the slowest way to attack us. We took in 784,000 refugees since 9/11 and only three of them were arrested for terrorism charges. This means that only .00038 percent of those people were terrorists. The way I think we could fix this is by showing the terrorist that no matter how much they try to scare us we will still stand up and help those who need help and not be afraid of people that believe in something other than us. No more add-ons to the screening process and trying to deny them into certain states.

In conclusion our fear of a terrorist attack from people that are trying to resettle in a better place to start over is false. The American way is to welcome immigrants in need not to turn them away because we are afraid of the terrorists that put the refugees in this situation. That is why I believe the key to fixing this issue is to stop making new barriers or even denying them into America because of what could happen of one bad guy were to slip through. We as Americans are strong and proud people that should never be afraid of people thousands of miles away. This is why I ask you our next president to rise above the fear and to look at this situation as people that are in desperate need of help.


Wyatt H.

Billings, Montana

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