Scott p. Minnesota

High schoolers exspections

High school exspections are to high.

Dear Future President of the United States,

I’m writing this letter to call to attention the issue of increased stress and anxiety high school student experience everyday because of unrealistic expectations in grades, test scores and homework. I would like to outline a few reasons as to why this is an issue of concern that should be addressed.

When my parents were applying to schools it was much easier to get in. The rules and techonology where less there was no skyward or schoology there was less expectations of them. You did not have to worry about drop boxing a paper at midnight the day its due. Parents also put less pressure on children cause they could not check grades anytime they wanted. In the workplace thirty years ago you could have gotten a good job without going to college, this is no longer the case. As more high school graduates want a good job after college they now must get good grades, high test scores and do all their homework and studying.

A student looking to get into a good college would have to do hours of homework and studying a night just to get the grades that would send them to that college. Colleges just don't look for grades and test scores they also want student who do extra volunteer work or are involved in sports and activities. Students must do all these thing to succeed. The problem to do all these things it does not give you time to get a job to sleep, or just to be a kid. Instead kids are very stressed about it they pretty much shut down and cry and at this age you should not have to get so upset about school where is stresses you out that much. This needs to change.

I feel there things that schools can do to lower stress on students help them get better test scores and grades and still get in the a great school to help them get a good job. Find ways to make the day better so the school day can be shorter so kids can be active and outdoor more. More choice and what students can learn and need to complete to be successful in college. More funding to have smaller classes to help students like me who benefit from one on one time with a teacher. We should hear less kids saying “I can't do this” and more kids saying “I love school”. If we do not change this soon we could be looking at a serious problem with kids mental health.


Scotty P (Minnetonka High School student).