Daniel Z. Minnesota

Gun Control

Gun control should be strengthened because of the deaths that are caused by dangerous people getting a hold of guns

Dear Next President,

How many people need to die a year from shootings for the government to strengthen gun laws? These shootings are caused by dangerous people whose intentions are to cause harm to innocent people. Guns need to be taken away from people like this so we can keep people safe. For this to happen, gun laws need to be strengthened so there are less shootings.

I feel that gun control is a sensitive topic, because the Second Amendment says, “that everyone has a right to own a gun”. People think the Second Amendment has caused these shootings, because it allows dangerous people to get a hold of guns. In 2013 President Obama proposed changes to gun control laws. The changes include, universal background checks for gun sales, assault weapon ban strengthening, and limiting ammo in a magazine to 10 bullets. Although Obama has tried to make an impact on gun safety, “Since 2013, there have been 1,266 people killed in mass shooting incidents and 3,619 wounded” These numbers show that President Obama’s changes have not put a stop to these shootings. The second amendment limits Obama’s ability to drastically change gun laws because it says that everyone has a right to bear arms.

We need a president that can put an end to these shootings by coming up with a plan to stop dangerous people from getting a hold of weapons. As president you need to take action and decrease the number of shootings that happen each year.