Meghan Minnesota

Homeless Veterans

Homeless veterans is a big issue, that is important. Please support our veterans.

Dear future president,

Did you know that 10.6% of the nation's homeless population are veterans? And, 49% of illegal immigrants get their own homes? That the homeless veterans have nothing, and immigrants have everything? Veterans don't fight for the United States because they have too. They fight because they want to, they want a free nation for everyone. People that are letting the immigrants in think they have a bad life, in the situation that they're living in. But I think that veterans have a bad life, because they fight every day; getting shot at and seeing things you wouldn't dream of seeing.

Many people wouldn't notice all of the veterans on the streets, because they look like ordinary people. But, did you know that 1 out of 4 homeless people on the streets are veterans? If you saw someone on the street, you'd expect them to just be an “ordinary” person. But maybe they aren't ordinary, maybe they are a veteran who fought for this country. Many people (and sometimes myself) don't think about what they do for us. So, whoever is reading this, go thank someone who does something to save you. Thank your families, cops, firefighters, and especially veterans. They don't ever know if they're getting out alive or dead. And all the immigrants do to stop us from thanking them is cause other problems.

Another problem is that the reason veterans are on the street is because they don't make enough money to afford a home. NFL players make $10 million a year, to where a veterans/ military men make $16,995.60 a year. Veterans make so little, and still support/ fight for this country. They give up their lives and families just to make less than NFL players. NFL players shouldn't matter more than veterans. All NFL players do is play a game, to where war is bigger than just a game. Veterans should get more per year for how much they do.

So, future president, what I want you to do for this country is help the homeless veterans find homes. Help them into making more money and getting off the streets. Help them find their homes, and help them get new clothes and things to keep them warm. Because veterans deserve the world and more for what they do for this country.



Barnum High School

10th graders

Barnum Mn high school group

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