Eri G. Georgia

High-School Dropouts

We need to focus on programs to help keep kids in school

Dear Next President,

Imagine a world where there are homeless people on every block, a world where the crime rate is booming. Now imagine a world where the crime rate is virtually gone and the economy is skyrocketing.

What’s the difference between these too you ask? High School Dropouts. Studies show that over the past years, there’s been an increase in the rate of high school dropouts.

Multiple sources show that at least 75% of the people that commit crimes were either dropouts or academically poor. This could be decreased if we focused more on programs to help maintain school. This would not only help crime rates but benefit the economy as it would help create more jobs.

Programs set out to help encourage students and help them set their priorities straight in order to give them an upper-hand. Regulations and clubs put in place to assist students with their tough schedule. Foundations should be also set out to help tutor teens and young adults having a rough time when it comes to their studies. Reducing the chances of unexpected pregnancies and other distractions like that also plays a big role into this matter.

No matter what party you come from, what gender you are, and what you believe, we can all agree that education is a top priority for us. So, let’s pick up the pencil and start. No matter how what race you are or what background you have, it doesn’t give you an excuse. Our generation are the next guides to the future. Now imagine that world.


Eri G 

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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