A.S. Louisiana

Workforce Training For High School Students

About why we should have workforce training for high school students.

Dear Next President,

There are a lot of problems in this world and I think one of the biggest ones is the lack of having workforce training for high school students. I think that high schools should offer students workforce training because many students need help in transitioning from high school, to college and to the real world. We should have it because it will help students develop and enhance high-quality career techniques.

Annelise Wunderlich from the article “Should More High Schools Offer Workforce Training?”states,” More than a million students in the U.S. will graduate from high school this year and go on to college, but a large percentage of them will never earn a degree.” Many people think that those students who do not make it through college should’ve went to a better high school; we should not have workforce training because it is a waste of money.

Students all should have a chance to get through college so having a workforce training for high school students will help them to get through college. We all want our generations to be better than the past so we really need to enforce a workforce training for high school students so they can learn the technical skills they need to get jobs and make our country better for the future.

Sincerely, A.S