Travon Illinois


Predominantly black schools in the US aren't given the same educational tools and resources as predominantly white schools.

Dear future president,

       Every since I was a child up until now I've been hearing a lot about how schools in more of a suburban or "white" area have a better education. I have heard that since I was in the second grade and I have experienced it as well. While I was in eighth grade transitioning to high school I attended a few events at a Catholic school, and as I went back to my school I saw a complete difference in the education. The differences that I saw was that the Catholic school had more resources and a better curriculum than the charter school I attended. Unfortunately, a predominantly white school is more than likely to have a better educational system than a predominantly black school. 

        These problems should be addressed very soon because everyone should be able to receive the exact same education. Schools that don't have the same education, privileges, and tools have students that most likely would drop out. When the students start to drop out then they may tend to move towards the streets and that could lead to violence. I believe that if all education was equal then the killing rates could possibly go down.