Luca A. Georgia

Raising Homework for the Better

Although you might not think so, homework must be increased.

Dear Next President,

Why are U.S. students near the bottom of rankings of achievement test scores? Because U.S. students don’t get enough homework, and something needs to change.

A survey of eighth-grade students in eleven countries showed countries whose students averaged the most homework, eight to nine hours a week, also had the highest average scores on tests. This survey showed that homework quality is important. Taking homework and school time more seriously calls for big changes in American education, according to Hoover fellow and education expert, Herbert J. Walberg.

If the U.S. raise the amount of homework given out to students this could help for better test scores. According to education website, e-Skool, raising homework would improve children’s thinking and memory. Homework also encourages students to use their time wisely, and communicate better with their parents. Yes, homework might increase stress, which may cause some kids to do badly in school, but in the long run, students will learn how to tackle tough times and ultimately be successful in life.

As a result you need to do something about the low test scores in the U.S. to increase education for the better. A solution must be found.


Luca A.