Tiara W.

Gun Violence

In this letter, I assert that gun violence is a huge crisis in the U.S. Young teenagers (mostly African Americans), are meeting untimely deaths due to gun violence.

October 20, 2016

Dear Next President,

Have you ever thought about how many people, both young and old, get killed due to gun violence? Or about how everyday on the news a teenager who has yet to live his/her’s full life because someone ended their life with a gun. Gun violence is causing ⅔ of most deaths to be suicide. Citizens in the U.S own more guns than anyone else in the whole world. Gun violence is increasing day by day. Most people believe guns are a crucial part of the American culture.

In 2014, there was 33,599 reported gun deaths. With that amount that is a rate of 10.54 every 100,000 people. From the rate of owned guns, about 4000 adults owned firearms from 50 states. Majority of the current gun deaths are the deaths of young teenagers. Families are losing young and important members of their life rapidly and tragically. Mothers are forced to bury their children and struggle to realize that their child hasn’t lived their full life, but is now in a much safer place.

Some gun stores are shutting down due to the increase of gun related deaths. On the contrary, guns and other illegal weapons should not be allowed unless it is for military and army purposes. When veterans go home, all weapons should be confiscated until the veteran returns to safe the country. Please think about the early loss of teenage lives, and life loss in general. Mothers around the world live in depression knowing that someone illegally loaded with firearms walks the streets killing innocent teenagers. Dear next president, please take gun violence into consideration to help us stop guns from killing our brothers and sisters. Thank you.


Tiara Watts

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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