Manny Pennsylvania

Police Brutality

Sad information about police brutality in the U.S that the next president should come up with solutions.

Dear next President,

Police brutality is what America will probably be known for in 2 years from now. The numbers have been increasing since 2014 to now. Many Americans have died due to police brutality, every seven hours a cop kills an american citizen in the US. This is a problem because the victims leave family members behind.The rise in police brutality is causing americans to feel like there's no protection. People will take matters into their own hands. Dear next president, please come up with a solution.

So far this year 849 people have died do to policy brutality or use police using massive force. Another interesting number is that 84 percent of officers have witnessed a fellow officer using more force than necessary and 61 percent don't report it. On it states cops are indicted in less than 1 percent of killings but the indicment rate for citizens is 90 percent. For example police misconduct coast taxpayers $1,800,000,000. All that money can be going to something positive. The people affected by this issue are the victims friends and family and many other Americans because they don't know if it can happen to them or to their kids.

Some solutions are actually giving law enforcement the proper training, put them on trial like a U.S citizen because the people that are killed by police are not even harming the officers. Another thing that can be done is passing a law that everywhere in the us, a cop should use a camera when arresting someone. Dear next president, I hope that you take this under high consideration and act upon it before things turn south. you won't want to lose someone do to police brutality so what makes you think we do?