Katie M.

Racial Profiling

For my L2P I chose to write about racial profiling. Racial Profiling is a big problem in our nation right now that America's new president needs to address.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Innocent people are too often being pulled over, searched, and wrongfully accused of things that they didn’t do just because of their ethnicity. So why are more and more people suddenly becoming aware of this, when it’s been happening forever? And, why is racial profiling still happening, when it should have stopped decades, centuries ago? In fact, racial profiling shouldn’t have even ever been a thing.

Some people will try and say that racial profiling is not happening right now, but it is. Even Barack Obama, our president, said that he experienced racial profiling before he became president, “Most times I got ticket, I deserved it. But there were times when I didn’t”-Barack Obama (“Big Question”). So why can some people still say that racial profiling isn’t happening in America when our own president said that he’s experienced it.

Well, there actually haven’t been many recorded charts/research (that the public have seen at least). But, there are a few charts that prove that African Americans and Hispanics are treated worse than white people and Asians are. The Bureau of Justice Statistics released a chart in 2014 that asked people if they had gotten pulled over at least once. It showed that 10% of white people were pulled over once, 10% for Hispanics, and 13% for African Americans (“Big Question”). Many people/researcher agree that the percentages would be way different/bigger if it had been for more than once. The Bureau of Justice Statistics has not released any further data on this topic. But, even though no other charts have been released by the BJS, individual states have been releasing their own charts.

So, future president, while you are in office, you need to address this topic because it is not getting any better. And if we continue to let this get out of hand, then how do we know what will happen next? How many people have to suffer before this is fixed? And how are you going to fix this?


Katie M.