Michael C. Pennsylvania

Fix The Broken Justice System

A letter by Michael Calderon

My name is michael calderon. I’ m a 16 year old high school student and i attend olney charter high school and i was also born and raised in philadelphia. My topic that I'm going to be discussing about is unequal justice system. My topic is important because with an unequal justice system people will get wrongly convicted.

Let me tell you about Justin Bieber’s incident. Justin Bieber had his charges dropped after being arrested while being drunk under the influence and driving with an expired licence. Not only was he drunk under the influence and driving with an expired licence but he was drag racing too. Also he was brought in for resisting arrest but still his charges were dropped and got out on a bail of $2,500. You as the next president should make sure that the judges are being fair and following the laws as they should be.

Can you imagine what types of things police could get away with when you see what things celebrities get away with. It gets me thinking why do police get a pass for murder or something else that’s against the law. Let’s say that a racist cop shot a black man and he gets taken into court and the judge let the officer go with no charge.

Can you imagine what would happen if the same thing was done that the cop did by your basic average person, they would get automatically put in jail.