Madelyn B. Iowa

Letter to President

Gay Rights

Dear President,

Currently in our country, there are many problems with many possible solutions. As a country, we should try our best to fix our problems together. An ongoing problem is gay rights. Should gay people have the same rights as straight people? Of course they should. We are all human beings and we all deserve to live in this country peacefully. I am very passionate about this topic because I know people who are gay. Homosexuals should have the right to get married just like anyone else, and not have to live in fear of being accepted. Love is love and does not discriminate on gender or race. They should not have to live their lives in fear just because of who they love.

Gay marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2015. That was a big step for people in the LGBT community. An issue with gay marriage is whether or not the church should have the right to refuse to marry a same-sex couple. I personally agree that any church should have the right to refuse to marry a couple, same-sex or not. A restaurant can refuse service to any customer, so I think that churches should be able to refuse as well. People should realize that churches aren’t trying to offend anyone, it is just what they believe. I also think that churches need to be respectful about it. The government needs to help and provide safety for everyone, and the LGBT community shouldn’t be targeted. As President, you need to ensure that you are setting a good example for everyone and support the LGBT community. It is part of our society now, and you need to advocate for all Americans' rights. There was a case in Vermont where a pastor was sentenced to one year in prison because he refused to marry gay couples. In this instance, the church is registered with the state, so I believe this church needs to follow the rules of the state, which is to allow gay marriage. In private churches not associated with the state, they should be allowed to refuse to perform any ceremonies. Defending the pastor, he believes that he should not go against his beliefs and be able to follow his church.

Violence and inequality both play a major role in LGBT rights. Some people are not accepting towards the LGBT community and that needs to end. It is unfair for gay people to live in constant fear and worry. Everyone deserves to be happy. A person's sexual orientation and gender identity are a choice that those people have the opportunity to make. They just want to be themselves and be able to live their lives. The LGBT community consists of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. All of these people should be protected and treated like any other human beings, with just as many rights. Unjust laws and unequal treatment need to end, which includes discrimination in housing, jobs, and family issues. We need to put an end to this discrimination and help make gay rights accepted throughout the whole world. We need to help those who do not have a voice, and as President of the United States you have the voice to advocate for all citizens' rights. The government needs to recognize this issue and help prevent it. A lot of countries have begun to accept the LGBT rights and gay marriage, but it is still an issue. Not everyone is safe, and they shouldn’t have to live in fear anymore.


Madelyn B.