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Abortion rights for women!

I think that women deserves

Dear Next President,

I know that abortion is a controversial and sensitive topic to most people, but I think that I should address the issues in this letter. I am well-aware that abortion is legal under some circumstances in the US. However, there are still problems with the health care system regarding surrounding the issue of abortion. I think that the government shouldn’t be involved with a woman’s choice for abortion. Despite the claims of saving lives, the government favors the life of an unborn baby in lieu of a woman. I think that it’s peculiar that the government would protect the life of an unborn fetus over the life of a living woman. That’s why I want you to make reforms to the abortion laws. By doing so, you’re helping many women around the US by granting them reproductive rights.

Banning abortion can endanger the lives of many women and their children. According to the World Health Organization, 21.6 million women experience an unsafe abortion worldwide each year; 18.5 million of these occur in developing countries. Out of most of these abortions 47,000 women die from complications of unsafe abortion. Based on the information in bustle.com, childbirth is the sixth leading cause for death in women aged 20-34. Not only does carrying a baby creating physical challenges, it can be emotionally challenging for women, too. Teenagers who are impregnated are shunned by their peers and families. For example, Kat Stark, a NUS women’s officer, was conceived when she was nineteen. She was in the middle of her degree. She didn’t have a serious partner. She didn’t have any money, and she was certainly not ready for a child. She immediately knew that she should get an abortion because the baby might set her back from advancing her career in the future. She saw a doctor, but he was very obstructive to her situation. However, he got the job done anyways “The pregnancy was a moment when my life could have gone in one direction or another and I feel really happy with the decision I came to.” Kat felt that the abortion helped her rather than destroying her life. If women were able to make the same choices as her, they’d feel a sense of relief.

Abortion isn’t just about terminating a life; it’s about giving a woman a choice. Women don’t abort because it’s desirable. Women abort as a last resort out of desperation. They abort due to the fact that the baby is endangering their life or preventing them from furthering their lives. If a woman gets raped, why should the government force the woman to carry the baby of the rapists? The woman should get a choice on her body and reproductive rights. Even if the woman was unable to abort her baby, she might put her baby in an endangering situation. For example, the baby might live in poverty or survive through the foster system, which has a long time effect and the baby.

Many pro-life activists claim that abortion is just an immoral excuse for murder because they believe that the fetus is a human being from the first moments of conception. But if they were really pro-life believers, why would they favor the fetus’s life over the mother’s life? The woman bearing the fetus is more alive than the fetus, itself. Also, a fetus during the fifth week of pregnancy is just beginning to develop its brain, and the fetus isn’t alive yet. The fetus is dependent on the mother for survival, whilst the mother of the fetus is independent. So, I’m not ashamed to say that I care more about the woman than the unborn baby. Therefore, I think that we need to make reforms to the abortion laws, and I need your help! I want you to give women access to critical health services and grant them safe, legal abortions. By doing so, you’re decreasing the deaths contracted from unsafe abortions.

Abortion is a huge problem that needs to be fixed. Not only does making abortion illegal prevent women from making choices-- it forces woman to obtain clandestine and dangerous abortions. Some women end up using a clothes hangers to abort the child. A clothes hanger is not a surgical device! It is used only for the sole purpose of hanging articles of clothing not aborting babies. That’s why we need to work on our abortion laws! I want women in our country to feel comfortable receiving an abortion instead of resorting to unsafe methods of abortions. I want you to help change our abortion laws Mr(s). President! By changing our abortion laws, we are granting women another right, and we are making our country better for future generations.


Mimi T

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