Hue X. Minnesota

Free College Tuition

Free College Tuition for everyone will make this world a better place.

Dear Future President of the United States,

As the next president of the United State I a student at Central High school, St.Paul, MN, highly recommend that you, Mr or Madam President makes changes to college tuition so that it will be free in the future. Reasons why free college is better than paying for college for a lot of people, is that someone can sometimes never make enough money to pay for full college tuition unless you get a scholarship. However, scholarships aren't always guaranteed to cover the whole cost of college tuition.  Making a good education available to citizens is good for the country.

Parents will always want what is best for their kids. Having a college diploma will affect the way you have live and make it a better life. There have been many researches online that shows that the world need free college. “An education should be available to all regardless of anyone’s station” (Rutherford B. Hayes).  Everyone in the world should be able to have free access to college, rich or poor, after graduating from high school. Free college helps us learn more and shows that we the people will be better off learning. 

“A college degree is the new high school diploma” (Rutherford B. Hayes). As research have showed, it tells us that most people after graduating from high school doesn't attend a college but instead try to live there life through a high school diploma, beside living the life of getting a college diploma earning way more access to life than having a regular high school diploma. “In the 1950s and 1960s, it was possible to graduate from high school and move right into a decent-paying job with good benefits” (Rutherford B. Hayes). But “Unfortunately, today, for too many Americans, it’s not a possibility” (Rutherford B. Hayes). Laws around the world has changed as years has gone by, the world itself changed over time. So if college was free towards every people living in the world, poor or rich, making college free will be a huge impact that this world never had before.

For example, since when my dad came from Laos to the US after fighting in the Vietnam war in 1974 at the age of eleven and the pain of losing three brother during the war, Ever since he have been in the US, he first attended high school and finishing it but didn't have enough money to go to college and had to find work to help my mom (his wife) out with a high school degree, even till now he have been working for 12+ year at the same old job earning 16 dollars per hour ever since he has been in the US. 

These are my reasons on why we should have free College tuition in the future and that by doing this Mr or Madam President, you'll be doing this world a great favor by letting students attend college for free, and put up the smile on parents as they see there little kid who now is all grown up attending college and living a good life. I recommend that college tuition will be free in the future and I recommend that this is something most people in this world would want.


Hue Xiong,                                                                                                                                          

Grade 10, Central High school