Nash S. Minnesota

College Athletes

College athletes should be paid money.

Dear Future President,

College athletics are very unfair to the players. Everybody involved makes loads of money except the athletes themselves. Lives are often hard and repetitive for college athletes, and student-athletes have much more difficult college experiences than your average attendants. I believe that they should receive pay for the hours of commitment to their sports.

College athletes do not get paid for playing their sport. They commit hours upon hours of time to playing their sport, but they do not get any money in compensation. Other students have free time to balance between work and school, whereas athletes have no time to dedicate to a job to make money. It’s also much more difficult to focus on school when you miss classes to travel away to play. Some athletes can’t even afford to eat every day, but if they miss one class, they can’t play or practice for the rest of the week. Student-athletes often don’t have time to focus on themselves, because all of their time is dedicated to sports and classes. This is unfair and should be addressed( (

Another reason that they should be paid is that everybody else is making quite a lot of money. A study done by BusinessInsider ( shows that big name schools make a lot of money from the players. For example the University of Texas makes $670,000 on average for each of the players. The players receive zero of the 670,000 dollars that they bring into the school each. Think about 670,000 dollars, now realize that there are a lot of student-athletes that can’t even afford to eat every night. College athletics are bigger and bringing in more money than ever before, and almost all of that can be attributed to the athletes,

One of the main arguments against paying athletes is that it would go beyond and change the main objective of Universities, which is to provide an education. The NCAA thinks that by paying student-athletes, it would ruin the credibility and integrity of college athletics. Somehow by providing monetary compensation to the athletes it would take away from what they are: Student-athletes. Another argument against these is that they already pay the students with a scholarship, an education, and more importantly an opportunity to continue your life with the benefits of having a college degree.(

These arguments don’t really address most of the problems with not paying college athletes, and the issues should be addressed. In conclusion student-athletes’ hard work and struggles provide large amounts of money for the Universities that they attend. The athletes deserve to be compensated and provided for with more than just a scholarship.


Nash Spencer.

Grade 10 Central High School

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis Hours 4 and 5

10 Quest 4th and 5th hour students

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