Kailynd California

High College Tuition Fees

College tuition fees are too high for the ordinary American student, in turn causing students to not have the ability to attend college.

Dear Future President,

My name is Kailynd, and I am currently attending Newbury Park High School. I would like to mention the issue of the public college tuition fees as this issue is affecting our future teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc.

The United States has an excessively high tuition fee cost for public colleges. For this reason it has decreased the amount of Americans that are able to afford and attend college. The cost of college tuition in our country has dramatically risen over the past years. In the chart above, it shows how the cost has nearly doubled from 1999 to 2010, that is just an eleven year difference. At this rate, the amount of students attending college will continue to decrease in the years coming.

The Huffington Post has recorded that around 64% of Americans cannot afford to attend public college. This being said, only 46% of students are able to afford college but the majority of those students come from a high-income family. Almost half of American families are found to be in the lower-income range. In turn, public college is now turning to be more in favor of the high-income families. Don’t you think our country should be in favor for the middle class, since most Americans fall into that category?

As future president, you will have the opportunity to provide a moderate rate of tuition fees that will enable a bigger, better and brighter future for all Americans. You have the ability to make college accessible to every student, not limited to just the higher-income families.


Kailynd T.

Newbury Park High School

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