C.L. Louisiana

College Tuition

College is getting too expensive and I think the price should be lowered.

Dear Next President

Our rising college tuition prices are becoming a big problem. A lot of people won’t be able to go to college only because of the price. According to campusriot.com only 66% people concerned about money apply to college. That is a big problem especially because 90% of people who aren’t concerned with money apply to college. This just shows how much price is affecting college applications.

A lot of people have to take student loans which take forever to pay off stated by campusriot.com. It sets a lot of people’s life back. They’re less likely to buy a house or start a family or even see a doctor. This is a big problem because college is supposed to give you a head start in life not set you back.

85% of 2011 graduates are going to have to move back home, according to campusriot.com. Everyone encourages us to go to college but 85% of grads move back home anyways which is where you would be if you didn't go to college plus a debt to payoff. College is definitely a great place to go if you can afford it. But if you can't afford it then the debt might be to hard to overcome.

Harvard’s annual tuition is 45,278 dollars according to CNBC. That's 17 times The price than 1971. For all 4 years that's about 180,000 dollars, that's enough to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo. College prices have been raising 6% above inflation so that is not the problem. People who go to college on average still do better than people with only a high school diploma so most people want to go but it's hard when the prices aren’t affordable.

Please consider my letter Ms or Mr President. I and a lot of other people would be grateful if you made college a little more affordable

Sincerely, C.L.